Saturday, June 22, 2013

CCCT Part II - Grand Falls to Florenceville-Bristol, NB

Saturday, June 22/13
The bedside alarm clock radio went off at midnight!!! Somebody with a twisted sense of humour??? I had to get up and turn it off. Afterwards I was able to get back to sleep and slept very soundly, according to Bev, until 7:00 AM when my wrist watch alarm went off. I had taken two Benadryl the night before and they really worked or I was just so tired from not having gotten much sleep while camping the previous night.
We went over to the restaurant for breakfast. I had decaf coffee, Bev had tea. We both ordered French Toast. Very tasty. We returned to our room and finished packing before setting off for Perth-Andover at 8:45 AM. After crossing the bridge we stopped to take a few pictures of the rapids. Kinda puts Hog's Back to shame. We cycled on hwy 130 which had a nice paved shoulder with plenty of rolling hills - some 2-3 kms long. It was a cool, overcast day but we still managed to work up quite a sweat going up the hills then we would get a chill coming down at 50 kph. We stopped in Perth-Andover for a break and met a young girl from Toronto who was cycling on her own to Halifax. She didn't like the 130 so she crossed over to the 105 which she said was more scenic and more hilly. She was much younger and in much better shape than we are so we wished her a safe journey and continued on our way on the 130.
After a few more breaks to give our butts a rest we arrived in Florenceville-Bristol at 2:15 PM. There didn't seem to be much in the way of lodgings but a quick check of the GPS revealed a motel and a B&B. Bev recognized the name "McNutts" and thought it might be Eric and Marilyn's friends who first introduced them. we headed for the B&B but when we saw that it was located up a hill I called to make sure there was a room available for us. It was CLOSED and NO they were not E & M's friends. I then called the Florenceville motel which had a room for us. It was a 2 km ride with a good climb up a hill that we had just come down!!! A room with TV, mini fridge, Wi-Fi, breakfast, etc cost $97 plus taxes. It also had a pool and hot tub but we later learned it was CLOSED. Since we were quite tired and there was nothing else available we took a room. after unloading our bags Bev cycled back into town to a gas station and got some Gatorade and sannies for tomorrow's lunch and a diet coke for me. I checked out the Wi-Fi and the SAT TV. The Wi-Fi is a bit flaky so I hope I don't lose everything that I've typed up so far. Once Bev returned from shopping we showered and went up to the restaurant for dinner. We had wanted to order a pizza but when Bev made enquiries at the gas station someone said "What's the matter, don't you like the food at the motel?" We had a delicious dinner of fish 'n chips and washed it down with a cold beer. I also had ice cream with chocolate sauce but only to keep Bev company as she wanted a cup of tea. Had to step outside of the room earlier to get a Wi-Fi connection. It seems to be working OK so far. I checked our route for AM and accommodation in Nackawic about 80 kms down the road. Bev called her sister Pat in Lawrencetown, NS, and left a voice mail. Bev is now off to La La Land so I guess it's time to wrap this up for today.
Lawrenceville Motel, Lawrenceville-Bristol, NB

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  1. You guys still alive and kicking? How come there are no updates? Curious people want to know. Tony