Sunday, June 30, 2013

CCCT Part II - Lawrencetown, Annapolis Valley to Windsor, NS

Sunday, June 30, 2013
We were up at 7:00 which really pleased Molly who liked to stick to her established routine. We quickly ate breakfast, finished packing our bags and loaded them on our bikes. Bev had, unbeknown  to me, gotten them our of the garage and placed them next to the basement door where we could easily load them up. Pat and Almont were up to say goodbye, wish us a safe journey and take some pictures. We left for Windsor, NS, at 8:10 AM. It was cloudy, there was a tailwind, we had smooth pavement but no shoulder. We took a few breaks on the way. Our legs and butts had gotten a bit soft over the last 3 days of rest. We stopped at a gas station in Kingston where I saw a model of a white 1957 Mercedes 190SL sports car just like the one I had bought for $700 in 1967 when I was on posting at the Canadian Embassy in Brussels. I took some photos of it and asked Darcy, the attendant, if the owner would be interested in selling it. He took my contact information and said he would ask and let me know. We stopped at a Tim's in New Minas for lunch and a pit stop. I filled my 2nd water bottle up in the washroom. Once we got to Kentville we left the Annapolis Valley and the going got tougher. We ran into several long climbs where I finally had to use my "Grannie Gears". After Wolfville the highway turned South East and we now had to cope with a strong crosswind and for the last 15 kms we had a strong head wind which really slowed us down. We stopped at a gas station just 2 kms outside of Windsor for a cold drink. We were both really parched by this time. The humidity had really gone up with the appearance of the sun. We passed a motel on the outskirts of Windsor and passed it up hoping to find something in town with more shops, etc around. We stopped in Windsor and asked a couple who were sitting down to a late lunch (3:00 PM) or an early dinner re motels, etc. We were given bad directions and ended up cycling 3 or 4 kms out of town. I finally set my GPS for the Super 8 Motel. We had to make a U-Turn and cycle back into town and a further 1.5 kms before we finally arrived at the Super 8 which was on top of a %&#@ hill. I went in and managed to get a room for $109 plus taxes down from $119. It included breakfast, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, etc. We took our bikes up to our room on the 2nd floor using the elevator one at a time. We arrived at the motel at 4:00 PM and once settled in our room enjoyed a late lunch of ham and cheese on croissant buns. Bev decided to walk down the hill to the Atlantic Superstore and get some groceries for our dinner and tomorrow's lunch. I checked out the Wi-Fi and updated my journal. I also posted a note on FB re today's ride. Bev returned with a Hungry Man Turkey dinner for me and a Swanson Ribs, mashed potatoes, corn and Brownies for dinner which she warmed up in the motel microwave.
Well it's getting late and that's enough blogging for this evening. Time to get some shuteye as we need to get up at 6:00 AM tomorrow if we want to beat the heat and make it to Brookfield, NS, tomorrow.
Super 8 Motel, Windsor, NS

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