Sunday, June 16, 2013

CCCT Part II - Levis to Montmagny, QC

Sunday, June 16/13. We were up at 7:00 AM after a good night's sleep. I had to wake up the manager at 7:30 in order to get her to open up the shed behind the motel so we could get our bikes out. We had to be very careful not to touch the spokes of the very important Specialized bike that was already in the shed. She made such a big deal out of it you would think it was a 10,000 dollar bike or something!!! We loaded our bags on our bikes and headed for McDs for our breakfast of oatmeal, hot chocolate and a sausage egg McMuffin for me. It was bitterly cold with an Easterly head wind. We had to stop after only 5 minutes of cycling to put warmer gear on. Once we hit the first hill which was only another 10 minutes down the road we had to strip down, well Bev removed her sweater, as she was to warm. We followed hwy 132 rather than the Route Verte 1. There was a nice paved shoulder and the traffic was very light for a Sunday morning. At about 10:00 we stopped at a roadside pastry shop and got ham and cheese sandwiches and some cheese curds for our lunch. At 11:30 we saw a glider with a picnic table in someone's side yard so we stopped and made ourselves at home so we could enjoy our sandwiches. Just as we were getting ready to leave several cars pulled into the farm yard. A gentleman came over to check us out and we had a lovely chat in French about who we were and where we were going, etc. It was spitting and threatening to start raining at any minute so by the time we arrived in Montmagny at 12:10 we decided we should find a place to hole up for the night before we got drenched. We cycled to the Information kiosk and asked for information on motels, camping and landromats. We were told the cheapest motels where back in town at the Wigwam or the City Motel just across the street. We ended up staying at the Wigwam which cost $75/night for a room with twin beds (there were no regular size bed rooms available) including breakfast and wi-fi. After unloading our bags and putting our bikes in our room we gathered all our laundry and walked over to the laundromat across the street. Once Bev got the laundry started I decided to leave her to her book and return to the motel. As I was about to cross the highway someone honked their horn at me. Since I had done nothing wrong I just ignored them and continued on to our motel room as it was raining quite steadily by now. As I was about to go in the room Ronal and Mo pulled up in their silver Matrix. What a surprise!!! They had just been further up the road to drop off Ronald's daughter at a camp and were on their way back to Levis and just happened to see me walking along the highway. It's been raining quite heavily now since 3:00 and it looks like it will rain all through the night and into tomorrow too. Dinner was next door at a Thai restaurant. It was very popular and quite crowded. The food turned out to be well worth the 1/2 hour or so we had to wait. Since the restaurant was not licensed the manager encouraged me to go across the street to the Ultramar gas station to get a couple of beers. As a matter of fact he said to bring back a six pack and whatever we couldn't finish drinking he would be glad to help us out. After dinner Bev went out in the rain to the McDs across the street for a large tea and a strawberry sundae for me. What a trooper she is. I sure hope this weather front passes through quickly so we can get back on the road and continue on towards our goal or cycling all the way to St. Johns, NL.
Goodnight all
Bev and Roly, Motel Wigwam, Montmagny, QC

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  1. Off to a good start dispite the wobbly wheel ;) Good luck to you both.