Monday, June 17, 2013

CCCT Part II - Montmagny to La Pocatiere, QC

Monday, June 17/13.
That pesky fly that Bev and I were so desperately trying to swat last night buzzed me at 6:50 AM. I guess it was telling me it was time to get up and start playing again!!! Contrary to last night's forecast of nothing but rain it was a clear but overcast day. rather than stay another day/night in Monmagny we decided to make a run for it. after a quick breakfast of hot oatmeal and chocolate milk we set off at 8:30. The route was mostly flat with a nice paved shoulder and a slight tail wind. After 20 kms we made a pit stop. Bev saw a sign for a toilet at a camp site/ferry crossing. It was 10 AM and the shop was closed!!! A woman drove up and asked if we were looking for a campsite. I said no we wanted to use the facilities. Just then someone inside opened up and another emergency was averted. We cycled on to St-Jean-Port-Joli where we stopped for a snack of cheese curds and an apple. I withdrew some cash at a Banque Nationale and was charged $3 for the privilege. We arrived at the detour that Ronald had warned us about . A sign said "Local Traffic Only". I reckoned if cars could get through so could our bikes. Well we made it but my bike was totally caked in mud. Bev fared much better. I'm still not sure why? We stopped on the overpass for the 20 and scrap[ed as much mud off as possible. We continued on to La Pocatiere where we were able to hose off most of the mud on our bikes at a garage/car wash. I had to take my rear wheel off to get at the mud stuck inside my rear fender. It was now after 1:00 PM and we still hadn't had lunch. It was threatening to rain so we decided to look for accommodation. At the car wash I offered to pay for our bike washes but the manager wouldn't accept any money. I asked about motels/hotels and the weather. He showed me the local weather radar and because of the low temperature he said it was more likely to snow than rain. I didn't bother to ask about camping. We checked out a couple of motels which were $90 and $100 plus taxes. We cycled to the edge of town hoping to find something cheaper but in the end decided to return to the Motel Le Pocatois which was the more expensive one but it had facilities nearby such as food, etc. While we were standing outside in the parking lot watching a big Dodge RAM truck trying to haul a load of bricks up a steep incline the manager came out and offered us a room at $84 taxes included a savings of $20. BTW the truck only made it about half way up the hill. He had to back down the hill and try again. Slowly but gradually he managed to creep up the hill. While I unloaded our bags, etc. Bev walked over to the Ultramar across the street and got some cold beers, etc. We then sat out at a picnic table and ate our lunch. Bev discovered some dried up caked blood on her left ear. Apparently she had been bitten by a black fly while I was washing the bikes. After cleaning up I lay down for a nap and Bev went over to the Tim's for tea and read her book while I siestad. It started raining at 5:00 but not heavily. We walked over to McDs for dinner. I pigged out on a double Big Mac with fries and a diet coke while Bev had a chicken chili wrap with fries. For dessert I had a McFlurry strawberry shortcake sundae and Bev had an ice cream cone and tea. We managed to get back to our motel without getting soaked. Watched The Voice. The final contestants are all so talented. It's going to be very difficult to decide who to vote for.
Motel Le Pocatois, La Pocatiere, QC

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