Monday, July 22, 2013

CCCT Part II - Bishop's Falls to Appleton, NL

Saturday, July 20, 2013 - Day 37
We both had a good night's rest and were up at 7:00 AM. I got up during the night to close the window and check on our bikes which we left locked up outside our room. It was raining but the bikes were OK. We had buns with peanut butter and banana and juice for breakfast which Bev prepared while I did some packing. We set off for Appleton at 8:20 AM. It was overcast, cool and windy. I counted 10 hills on the way so we managed to work up a good sweat going up the hills then we would freeze coming down the hills! We only stopped twice! Once for Bev who needed to use the great outdoors and once for a snack. We arrived in Appleton at Millie and Dan's place at 11:30 thanks to a nice tailwind. Millie was busy cleaning 5th wheel where we would be "camping" for the night. After putting our bikes in the rather large garage we went in the house for tea and a sandwich. Millie's daughter, husband and 2 children were also visiting. We put our bags in the trailer and went for a walk down to the Gander River which flowed past the back yard. We saw several fly fishermen trying to catch salmon. I took some photos. Millie and grand daughter went for a walk to the beach. I was able to get the Network Key from daughter and set up Notebook on Wi-Fi in trailer. We checked our e-mail, Gmail and FB. Bev went for a walk with the girls while I lay down for a nap at 3:40. I got up at 5:00 just as Bev and the girls returned from their walk. Bev went in the house for a shower. Dan and Donnie (son-in-law) returned from fly fishing. According to Dan it was to windy and when they started hooking each other they figured it was time to give up since they weren't having any luck catching any fish. We drove to OKs Cafe for dinner where we met Derek from Peterborough. He was also cycling to St Johns having started from Yukon last year. We had a chat with him before going in for dinner. Mom and Dad had to take Victoria back home as she was not feeling well. She was having a nasty reaction to a bite on her arm which was quite swollen. I had fish 'n chips and coleslaw and diet coke and ice cream afterwards. Dan treated us. He invited Derek back home to camp in his back yard. We drove around Appleton and returned home and sat out on the deck and swapped stories. Bev and I slept in the 5th wheel. It was very noisy due to celebration across the river which went on until 3:00 AM. I was not amused!!!
Marilyn and Karla Tucker's, Gander, NL

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