Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CCCT Part II - Corner Brook to Deer Lake

.Sunday, July 14, 2013 - Day 31
I was up at 7:15 AM, showered and trimmed my beard while Bev had a lie in. It was cereal, a banana, toast with peanut butter and jam and O.J. for breakfast. We packed our bags and loaded them in Marilyn's Toyota RAV4. Max helped me get the bikes out of the "store". We cycled to the TCH from 48 Shamrock (9 kms) where we met Max and Marilyn who were waiting there with our bags. We loaded our bags on our bikes, said our goodbyes, took a couple of photos and set off for Deer Lake at 10:00 AM. We stopped at Marble Mountain, a local ski resort, and went into Tim's to use W/C. We arrived in Deer Lake at 12:30 PM. Other than a few kilometers of roadworks as we were leaving Corner Brook it was smooth sailing on the TCH with a nice paved shoulder and a tail wind to boot. We went into Tim's for our lunch of Chicken Noodle soup, donuts  and chocolate milk. There was a VIC nearby so we went in to ask about facilities along the TCH to Baie Verte Junction. We were told there were no camping facilities, just 2 service stations. We checked into the Deer Lake Motel at 2:00 PM at $109 plus taxes. Bev had called ahead to make a reservation and asked for a ground floor room. There were none available but luckily by the time we arrived one had become available. It's always so much easier to unpack and store our bikes if we have access to our room from the parking lot. After unloading our bags and storing our bikes in our room we went over to the Irving station for cold beers, drinks, carrot muffins and Gatorade. We returned to our room and tried the Wi-Fi. It was hopeless. I had to go to the reception and was able to use their PC to check my e-mail and FB. I got some ice to take back to our room and finished my left over Gatorade which tasted so much better once it was chilled. Bev also went to the reception to use the PC there to check her Gmail and FB. I lay down and had a nap while Bev watched TV. I got up at 6:30 PM, showered and we went over to the motel restaurant for dinner. I had fish 'n chips and a diet Pepsi while Bev had a wrap and sweet potato fries. I was charged $1.00 extra for gravy on the side which I really didn't want in the first place. We checked Bev's Gmail and FB at the reception PC before returning to our room. We packed up most of our gear and watched TV 'til 10:00 PM. I set my watch alarm for 6:00 AM in order to get an early start and hopefully avoid the afternoon heat and humidity. The forecast was for a high of 34C. We were off to bed at 10:15 PM. The room was a bit to cool for my liking, than to warm as the A/C cycled ON and OFF! Bev talked to Amy (Marilyn of Orleans daughter) on her cell phone. Amy agreed to pick us up at Baie Verte Junction at 5:30 PM on her way to drop her husband off at the Deer Lake Airport tomorrow.
Chez Amy and Mark Ivany's - Wild Cove, Baie Verte, NL

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