Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CCCT Part II - Brookfield to New Glasgow, NS

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 Day 19
We were up at 7:00 and packed and ready to hit the road by 8:15 after a quick breakfast of Greek yogurt and half a banana. Most of yesterday's clothing, which we had strung out to dry in our motel room, was still damp. We just had to pack it and hope that we would find a laundromat in New Glasgow. My cycling shoes were still soaked as well as my orthopedic inserts. We stopped at a Tim's in Truro, which was just 8 kms up the road. We had oatmeal and chocolate milk for breakfast and muffins to go. We got directions to the Pictou Road which is the old highway #4. It was straight ahead and turned out to be a 2 lane road with a gravel shoulder. Thankfully there was very little traffic and it was fairly smooth with a few exceptions where there were some potholes. Eventually the clouds cleared up and the sun came out which upped the humidity level. It was still fairly cool and when going downhill at 45 kph it felt like 10C. We stopped for a snack of curds and a Granny Smith apple and again for lunch at a roadside convenience store where we were able to sit at a picnic table by a big old apple tree. We shared a smoked meat sub that Bev had prepared the day before. It was much tastier this time around without the pouring rain that we had yesterday while trying to enjoy our lunch. Plus this time I had a diet coke to help wash it down. I checked my GPS and we only had 25 kms to go before arriving in New Glasgow. We stopped at an Irving gas station where there was also a VIC, DQ and Tim's. We were able to get information re motels, laundromat, etc. We missed the turn to go over the bridge. We had only gone 2 or 3 kms when I felt we were going in the wrong direction. I put the address of the Tara Inn in my GPS and after making a U-turn saw a sign that told us we had to turn. There hadn't been a sign coming in the opposite direction??? We arrived at the Tara Inn motel at 3:00 PM and were able to get a room for $85 plus taxes with Wi-Fi and breakfast, etc included. Room 129 was not ready so we were switched to room 130 with the help of the maid who was busy cleaning rooms. We sorted our laundry after unloading our bags and cycled to the laundromat which was located across the street from a Sobey's and the NSLC. After getting the laundry started I elected to keep an eye on it while Bev went shopping for groceries, etc. I did some reading. Bev returned and once our clothes were dry we folded them and returned to the Tara Inn. Bev went across the street to a Pizza place and got some Fish 'n Chips and onion rings for our dinner. It had been recommended to us by the agent at the VIC. She asked for ketchup, vinegar and salt. They gave her 18 packets of ketchup, a small container of vinegar and forgot about the salt. While waiting for Bev to return with dinner I sorted our laundry and hung up our jackets, etc. Bev had gone into the NSLC and gotten two cold beers which were supposed to be a surprise for me. Unfortunately I spoiled the surprise by unloading the grocery bag and putting things away in the fridge. I wanted my beer to remain cold and I didn't know how long it was going to take for Bev to come back with dinner. She returned just as I was about to set up the Wi-Fi connection. It would have to wait!!! After dinner we re-arranged the furniture to make room for our bikes which we brought inside our room. I packed my clothing, updated my journal and posted Day 19 of my blog while Bev watched the Jays vs Tigers. I had to open the motel room door to improve the Wi-Fi signal strength in order to get Day 19 posted. Bev was off to bed at 9:00. I soon joined her at 9:30. Very small, narrow bed.
Homeward Inns of Canada, Antigonish, NS

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