Friday, July 19, 2013

CCCT Part II - Deer Lake to Baie Verte Junction to Wild Cove,NL

Monday, July 15, 2013 - Day 32
We were up at 6:00 AM and had Greek yogurt, banana and a carrot muffin for breakfast. We were ready to leave at 7:45 AM but met a lady from Ann Arbour, Michigan in the parking lot. We stopped and chatted about our trips. she was travelling alone in a VW camper with her mountain bike strapped on the back rack. We left at 7:55 AM. It was a very nice day in spite of being overcast. We had a clean, smooth paved shoulder all the way plus a decent tail wind. We stopped after 43 kms at a service station restaurant and went in for a pastry and W/C break. We stopped on the highway at 11:30 AM for lunch which was a "lunchable" pack. I had salami, cheese, crackers and a mini KitKat bar which turned out to be a bit soft because of the heat. We arrived at the Baie Verte Junction convenience store at 12:30 PM where we were to meet Amy. We went in for a cold drink. Bev asked for iced tea but there was none. I asked for a diet coke and Bev ordered a Ginger Ale. The waitress brought a Pepsi and Mountain Dew. Bev made her go back and get a Diet Coke for me and said she had ordered a Ginger Ale by the Mountain Dew would Do! Bev also asked the waitress if there was another restaurant nearby. She replied "We're the best restaurant!" We cycled to the nearby chip wagon, where there used to be an Irving station, and had an ice cream cone. We met several people there including a young couple from Ottawa and a family that were on their way to Barachois Pond Provincial Park where we had just recently camped for a night. We cycled back to the restaurant and sat outside on a narrow bench for 1/2 an hour just killing time while waiting for Amy to arrive at 5:30 PM. Bev did some reading while I updated my journal. We went inside for a cold drink and met a local who lives in a cabin nearby. He told us all about "iceberg alley" and how they would shoot chunks of ice off the icebergs when he was a youngster. They used the ice in there drinks and would ponder the fact that they were drinking 10,000 year old water. We went outside and waited some more. At 4:45 PM we went back in and ordered dinner. I had the cheese burger platter and diet coke. Bev had soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Finally, just as we finished eating, Amy, Mark (her husband) and two sons Liam and Alex arrived along with Grandma and Grandpa in a separate car. Mark was flying out of Deer Lake to Fort McMurray, where he works, and Grandma was flying out to New Brunswick to visit family and Grandpa was driving them to the airport in Deer Lake. We loaded our bikes and bags in Amy's pickup truck and set off for Wild Cove. It started spitting out!!! We stopped at the Flat Lake campground, where Amy and Mark have a trailer so Amy could pickup some laundry and perishables. We also stopped for bread on the way home in Baie Verte. We saw several signs of Moose piss on the road. Amy says the moose come out on the road and because of their hooves slipping and sliding on the pavement they get nervous and pee which leaves a big wet stain on the road. Unfortunately we did not see any moose on our ride to Wild Cove where Amy lives. On arrival we unloaded our gear and bikes and placed them in the basement. I got Amy to find the Network Key on her laptop and was able to setup a Wi-Fi connection on my Notebook. We checked our e-mail/Gmail and FB, etc. I changed into my PJs after having a shower. After Amy put the kids to bed we sat around and chatted before going off to bed at 11:00 PM.
Exploit's River Motel, Bishop's Falls, NL

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