Friday, July 12, 2013

CCCT Part II - Robinsons to Barachois Pond Provincial Park

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - Day 26
After a good night's sleep we were up at 7:30 AM. Mike and Pearl were already up at 7:00 AM. We had scrambled eggs, toast, peanut butter, jam and decaf coffee for breakfast. Afterwards I helped Mike move the 2x6x8' studs and the 2x6x18' headers/footers while Mike figured out how much he had to cut off each stud before he started putting the walls together. I went in and posted 3 days of my journal on my blog. Bev and Pearl went for a walk. Bev was amazed at the variety of wild flowers and the abundance of Pitcher flowers, the National Flower of NL. We had left over "Moose Soup" and garlic bread and scones for lunch. I checked the tire pressure on our bikes and used Bev's pump to inflate them. While doing my rear tire I managed to bend the Presta valve stem. It started leaking!!! I had to replace my tube. I also adjusted Bev's kickstand. Finally we were all packed, bags loaded on our bikes and ready to leave at 2:30 PM for Barachois Pond Provincial Park where we planned to camp for the night. Pearl took a photo of us and our bikes. Mike gave me a cycling cap that he had gotten when he ran the NY marathon in 2000. We cycled up to the TCH stopping at a local bakery for date squares and bread rolls. There were none. We got some Graham Wafer squares with walnuts and chocolate. They turned out to be very tasty. We had only gone 10 kms when i heard those dreaded words that every cyclists fears "Roly, I've got a flat". Bev's rear tire had flatted. In spite of the heat and being on the TCH we managed to put a new tube in her rear wheel and set off again. We arrived at the Barachois Pond campground after a very bumpy 2 km downhill descent. On arriving at the ranger station Bev declared there was no way she was going to cycle back up that hill in the morning. She would canvas the entire campsite until she found someone with a truck to take us up the hill the the TCH. The ranger said we should come to the gate at 8:00 AM and one of the crew would drop us off. We were assigned to #14 site by the "Pond" and once we found it we quickly set up our tent as it was now going on 8:00 PM. We warmed up the tins of spaghetti and meat balls and polished that off with the bread rolls and had lemon pudding for dessert. we walked over to the W/C to brush our teeth after cleaning up. We were both to tired to bother with having a shower. It was now 9:30 PM and getting quite dark. The kids were all in bed and the adults were busy splitting wood for their evening fires. It was off to La-La Land for us at 10:00 PM.
Chez Marilyn and Max Dyke's, Corner Brook, NL

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