Sunday, July 21, 2013

CCCT Part II - Catamaran Park to Bishop's Falls, NL

Friday, July 19, 2013 - Day 36
In spite of all the noise from the transport trucks on the TCH and the cold I did manage to get some sleep as I didn't hear my alarm go off at 7:00 AM. We got up at 7:30 AM. Bev prepared oatmeal and hot chocolate while I changed and did some packing. We were all packed up and ready to leave at 9:00 AM. It was a nice day for cycling, cool with a tail wind. We arrived in Grand Falls-Windsor at 11:00 AM and cycled to the Dominion store. Just as we were about to lock up our bikes and go in the store a local gentleman in his 70s came by and advised us not to leave our bikes unattended as several bikes had been stolen recently. He also had advice on how to prevent "Charlie Horses" etc. Bev went in for groceries while I guarded the bikes. after putting groceries in our panniers we cycled over to a pizza place for lunch. Bev went across the street to a Chinese restaurant to say hello to a friend who worked there. I had a huge slice of pizza and a diet coke. We cycled as far as Bishop's Falls where there was a motel at the Harbour Bretton Junction. Bev was still complaining about a headache and my left shoulder was quite sore. We decided to stay at the motel rather than go on to Notre Dame Provincial Park which was another 30 K down the TCH. A room with mini fridge, microwave, Wi-Fi cost $99 plus taxes. We unloaded our bikes and I got my Tylenol pain killers out. Bev took one and lay down for a nap. I checked out the Wi-Fi which turned out to be very good. I met a young fella from Ottawa selling cars in the parking lot outside our room. He was doing a booming business. He had sold 12 cars since setting up. I lay down for nap at 4:00 PM and got up at 5:30 PM, showered and went over to the restaurant for a cold beer and dinner. I had the cheeseburger platter and Bev had a ham omelet. Later when we returned to our room Bev watched TV while I posted Days 32 to 35 on my blog. I took 2 pain killers and was off to bed at 10:00 PM. Did a bit of reading before turning out the lights.
Chez Marilyn and Karla, Gander, NL

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