Monday, June 25, 2012

CCCT 2012 - June 17/12 - Day 29

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Sunday, June 17, 2012 - Day 29
Lethbridge to Bow Island, AB. Trip 113.94 kms Time 4 hrs 59 mins Max 37.6
In spite of yesterday's fall I was feeling much better. We were up at 6:00 AM and went over to the "OFFICE" for our free breakfast. There were only 2 other persons in the breakfast room besides the receptionist and her partner. I think they were also the new owners. I had a toasted bagel with cream cheese and jam, OJ and yogurt. I also took a carrot muffin and a hard boiled egg for later. Bev just had yogurt and a muffin and a small OJ and a hard boiled egg for later.
Once again we had a terrific tailwind, fantastic paved shoulder and perfect weather all the way to BOW ISLAND. We stopped in TABER at a McDs for egg and bacon McMuffin for me and breakfast burritos for Bev. I had to help Bev finish 1/2 a burrito. I put some salsa on it and ended up having heart burn for several hours afterwards. We passed through several small towns on the way to Bow Island but once again there were no facilities. We eventually stopped at a closed service station to get some shade and have lunch. We arrived at the Visitor's Centre in Bow Island at 2:00 PM and asked about motels, groceries, etc. There were only two motels to chose from, a convenience store and a restaurant. Not a hell of a lot going on in Bow Island. We chose the Silver Sage Motel as it also had a bar/restaurant. We could see a storm approaching from the West  so had to make a run for it. It started raining just as we arrived at the motel while we were checking in. We just managed to get our bikes in our room (without unloading our gear) before the skies let loose. It really thundered down for 15-20 minutes. Once the storm passed Bev walked back to the VC where there was a nearby convenience store but there was not much to choose from. I was able to get a wi-fi connection in spite of the motel manager telling me there was no wi-fi available. We went over to the bar for a pint of beer and asked the bar tender to put the US Open on which she obligingly did. We were the only two customers in the bar. We returned to our room and after getting cleaned up returned to the restaurant for dinner at 6:00 PM. We had been told that the restaurant closed at 8:00 PM. Bev ordered chicken with Feta cheese spinach stuffing and a wine sauce with a Greek salad, rice and  roasted potatoes. I had a garden salad and Fish and Chips with broccoli. We both had a glass of Sawmill Creek Merlot. Very nice. For dessert we shared some apple pie with a hot rum sauce and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. The restaurant was very busy but in spite of that we had excellent service and enjoyed our meal. We went back to our room and finished watching the US Open. It was very disappointing for Furyk who lost out to a very happy young Simpson. I was to tired to work on my blog. Also managed to get quite a sun burn on my arms and legs from being out in the sun and wind all day. Should have put some sun block on!!! Off to bed at 9:00 PM after taking my pills and putting some ICY/HOT cream on my shoulders and my left knee.
Bev and Roly

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