Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CCCT 2012 - June 9, 2012 - Day 21

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Saturday, June 9, 2012 - Day 21
Sparwood, BC, to Coleman, AB - Trip 37.81 kms Time 2 hrs 36 mins Max 55.9 kph
Leaving BC
I had trouble falling asleep. First of all there was the noise from the room next door then the FIREWORKS started at 11:00 PM and lasted until 11:30 PM. Bev merrily slept right through them!!! Then the train whistles started. Once again there were two crossings so the engineer had to lean on his horn at both. I got up at 6:00 AM. Bev had already been up at 4:30 AM and gone back to bed. Oh Oh some diarrhea!!! Not sure where that came from. Could be the rich food plus the reaction to the 4 black fly bites on my head and one on my right arm? Put some insect bite ointment on my bites and had 1/2 a banana, Greek yogurt, oatmeal and hot chocolate in our room for breakfast.
Serbio's happy to be in Alberta
We carried our bikes and gear downstairs to the front lobby. Met a German fellow cycling from Vancouver to Chicago via the States. He had been camping for the night and was just arriving for some breakfast. I asked him if he didn't find it a bit to cold to be camping. He said he had a good sleeping bag. It started spitting so we put our rain gear on before setting off for the BC/AB border. I took some photos of leaving BC and arriving in AB. We stopped in at the Visitor's Centre in AB and got AB pins at $3 each. We also asked about motels up ahead and had a granola bar and Nestea break before setting off again. We had the wind and rain in our faces as we left the V.C. before getting back on the highway and heading East. It was lashing down quite hard. We now had a nice paved shoulder and a very strong tail wind all the way to COLEMAN. The STOP Motel was advertising single rooms @ $63.30/night. I got a double for $69 including taxes. We put our gear in our room (heater on) and bikes in the "workshop" and walked across the highway to the drug store to get some Imodium for my diarrhea. Next we checked out the Mini Mart but found nothing suitable for making our own dinner. I was not feeling very well by the time we got back to our motel room so took 2 Imodium and lay down for a short nap. After cleaning up we went across the highway for dinner. The restaurant was celebrating their "Grand Opening" and had hired a young guitarist to entertain the clientele. He was just a bit to loud for me or maybe it was just that I wasn't feeling so great. I wasn't even feeling up to having a beer and turned down a FREE Sangria. I had Butternut Squash soup and Fettucine Alfredo but couldn't eat it all. Something very unusual for me. Bev had a veal snitzel "Senior's Portion" which covered her entire oversize plate. She had no trouble polishing it off on her own. It was very windy and bitterly cold getting back to our motel room. I tried to check my e-mail but was unable to open my Bell-Sympatico mail (something about "Error on the page") and was feeling much to poorly to work on my blog. We watched TV for awhile. I had another bout of diarrhea. Took some more Imodium. Had hot/cold sweats. Went to bed.
Bev and Roly

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  1. I know from your Facebook page that you got over your diarrhea problem but it sure doesn't sound like fun here. Kinda confusing with current stuff on Facebook and historical stuff on here ;)

    I'm headed to Christopher's tonight (Wednesday) and head for the west coast on Friday. I'll follow you when I can but my iPad won't let me comment on this blog.