Friday, June 1, 2012

CCCT 2012 - May25th

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Friday, May 25th
Woke up at 4:00 AM when the birds started singing after a very restless night. A bit to chilly for camping in my opinion. Got up at 7:30. Bev prepared chopped up hot dogs, red pepper omellets on the camp stoves for breakfast. She also boiled the two remaining eggs for later and made some herbal tea. I finished off the Peach juice. It took a while to get our tent and all our gear packed up and so it was a bit late (9:30 AM) before we set off for Chilliwack.
We were unable to stay on TCH #1. No bicycles, etc allowed. We had to find an alternative route. I went into a service station to ask for directions but the attendant, not being a cyclist, was not able to help. I ended up having to buy a map of the local area which helped get us to Chilliwack via backroads, etc. We had to cope with very strong head winds most of the way so I convinced Bev to take turns drafting alternating every km.
We stopped at a Rest Area for lunch and at a Visitor's Centre to get directions to campgrounds/motels. Because of my most negative "camping" experience last night I insisted on staying at a motel. We ended up at the Rainbow Motor Inn on Yale Road @ $69 plus taxes for the night.
After unloading our bikes and putting them away in the room we showered and rinsed out our cycling clothes. I lay down for a nap until 5:50 PM. Bev convinced me to walk to the Market Store but we didn't see anything suitable for breakfast. We went into a nearby Chinese restaurant for dinner but there were only 2 other customers. I then realized they were not licensed. I definitely needed a cold beer so we walked up the street a bit further to a 2nd Chinese restaurant which was licensed and had several more customers. We ordered Singapore Noodles, Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls, egg rolls, 2 beers and red wine. It was $52.52 but well worth it as we were really thirsty and very hungry after cycling 45.5 kms in 3 hours. Like I said we had to cope with a very strong head wind most of the day.
Once we returned to our motel I checked my e-mail and FB. Bev checked her Gmail. I filled in my journal and decided to have an early night and hopefully an early start in the AM. I was to tired to work on my blog. Plus my left arm/shoulder was quite sore. I put an ICY/HOT patch on it and went to bed.
Bikes and tent

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