Monday, June 25, 2012

CCCT 2012 - June 18/12 - Day 30

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Monday, June 18, 2012 - Day 30
Bow Island to Medicine Hat, AB. Trip 59.20 kms Time 3 hrs 10 mins Max 42.3 kph
Trying to outrun the storm

A view of the Alberta countryside

Clear skies again
I had to get up at 5:30 AM because of a cramp in my left outer shin. I shook it out and got back in bed. We got up at 7:00 and after breakfast I took my panniers off my bike and flipped it over so I could check my brakes. The rear disc was rubbing and needed some adjusting. I put my bike back on its wheels and re-loaded my panniers. We left at 8:30 AM for MEDICINE HAT. As we were crossing the loose gravel in the parking lot I found a Looney. Rather than cycle several hundred meters on the gravel road up to the highway we pushed our bikes across the ditch and up the grassy embankment. We hadn't gone very far (3-4 kms) when it started raining. We stopped to put our rain covers on our computers and handle bar bags. It was just a light shower which kept up for 25 + kms then cleared up and became sunny. There were no facilities in Seven Persons. As a matter of fact we only saw one person cutting his grass. His dog, a Saint Bernard Mix, decided to give chase. It came bounding down the highway and caught up to Bev who was yelling at me to stop as the dog kept coming after me. I stopped and so did the dog. It was quite friendly. By this time Bev had gotten the owner's attention and he ran to get on his Quad bike and came tearing out up onto the highway to rescue his dog named Lucy. He was quite concerned that she would get hit by a vehicle as his neighbours dog had recently suffered an unfortunate encounter on the highway. A bit we later we saw a coyote cross the highway. He stopped in the ditch to check us over. A trucker passed by and bliped his air brakes. The coyote shot off across the field like he had a rocket up his ass!!  It was like a scene out of the Road Runner. I guess this is what truckers do for entertainment!!! We certainly found it amusing. We stopped for a break at 10:00 AM and shared a banana and a granola bar. We stopped again at 11:00 for PBJs and arrived in Medicine Hat at 12:00 PM. There were several motels at the edge of town. While stopped at the side of the road discussing our options a guy in a city sweeper truck stopped to offer help. We decided to check in at the Sun-Dek Motel at $50 + taxes (reg $55). We had to wait 10-15 minutes while the maid finished cleaning the room. I walked over to a "Liquor Store" for some cold beers. By the time I got back our room was ready and Bev had already moved our bikes. After unloading our bikes I emptied one of my large rear panniers so Bev could go do some grocery shopping. I checked out the wi-fi and filled in my journal. While doing this I had the door open and a little mini ground hog came in the room. I told him to get lost as this room was already taken. He took off looking for another room. As he went along he checked out the cigarette butt pots. I later found out that he went into a room that the maid was cleaning and gave her quite a fright. Bev came back from getting groceries, put them away, showered and went off to start a load of laundry. I was feeling rather cold so got under the covers for a nap. I got up at 6:00 PM and showered. This helped to warm me up. We warmed up the BBQ chicken, that Bev had picked up at the grocery store, for dinner and had it with potato salad and a beer. I worked on Day 19 of my blog. I had trouble adding photos. Took 2 extra strength Tylenol and put some ICY/HOT cream on my shoulders and left knee. I did some reading while Bev watched TV until midnight.
Bev and Roly

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