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CCCT 2012 - May 26th

Cross Canada Cycling Tour 2012 - Saturday, May 26th
After checking out of motel at 7:30 we cycled to the nearest McDs about 2 km away for breakfast. When I asked for porridge I was told they only had "oatmeal". Huh!!! Well OK - I'll have some of that and yogurt with fruit and nuts and a decaf coffee please. The coffee was cold so I had to go  back and get a refill.
We left Chilliwack at 8:00 and cycled to Hope arriving at 12:10 PM. We went into the Visitor's Centre to ask about camping on the way to Princeton. We were told there were only 2 campsites open. One at 20 kms from Hope and one at 59 kms at Manning Park. There were no facilities available at either campsite so we would have to bring all our food and water for 2 days of camping. We then went over to a Subway for lunch and discussed our options. Neither one of us fancied cycling up the mountain pass so we agreed to try and hire a taxi to drive us to Princeton. Bev went across the street to a garage and made enquiries. She came back with a ride to Princeton for $225 (regular fair was $275) so we felt we were getting a pretty good deal considering we would be saving 3 days of cycling over a killer pass and 2 nights accommodation and meals. We waited 20 minutes for the taxi driver to arrive. He showed up with an older model Dodge van which still had all the seats in it. We struggled to get the head rest down on the rear seat and even with it collapsed there was no way we were going to get all our gear and our two bikes in the back. Frank said his wife had a pickup truck and would go home and get it and be right back. When he returned we quickly loaded our gear and bikes in the back.
While we were loading our stuff 2 guys went by on their fully loaded bikes headed in the direction of the pass. They yelled out "Hey, get those bikes off that truck!!! You can do it!!!" We had a good laugh but decided to ignore them. We set off for Princeton at 2:30 and arrived at 4:00 PM after a bit of a white knuckle ride. We passed the two cyclists who were off the road in the ditch. Not sure what there problem was. Frank was going to fast and by the time I realized that it was the same 2 cyclists who had dissed us we had gone much to far to stop and see if they needed help.
Once we arrived in Princeton I took some photos and we thanked Frank for delivering us safely over the pass. A shop owner came out to see what all the fuss was about and offered to let us camp in his back yard, etc. We thankfully declined his offer and asked about a motel. He recommended the Princeton Motel across the street. It was $60 for a nice room for the night which included wi-fi, TV, fridge, etc. After unpacking and putting our bikes away in a shed we walked down Main Street to look for a suitable establishment where we could partake of some cool refreshments. We stumbled upon a Legion where a Memorial Service was being held for a dearly departed member. We went in and had a couple of cold brewskies. While we were waiting to be served one of the locals, who had ridden into town on his horse, came to the door and had the horse stick it's head inside. By the time I got my camera out of my handle bar bag he was gone. When I got Serbio, our mascot, out to take a photo one of the local members said we should have a Legion ribbon which she went and got for us.
We then walked over to the Elbow Room Deli, which had been recommended to us, for dinner. Excellent dinner for 2 with dessert (rhubard and strawberry pie with ice cream for me and rhubard and strawberry tart to go for Bev) came to $43.31. We bought some groceries for breakfast and went for a walk after dinner. I mentioned that we should get some peanut butter and Bev got up while I was eating my dessert and went across the street to get some. She paid $6.19 for a small jar of Kraft peanut butter!!!
Once back in our room at the motel I tried to log onto the wi-fi network but it was futile. I went over to the office where I thought I might have better luck. In the end the manager decided to lend me his notebook. It didn't work any better back in the room. I wonder if the problem was the fact that he had metal roofing that could be interfering with the router signal? I went back to the office and was able to establish a connection and was able to check my email, etc. The manager then gave me 2 muffins for our breakfast. It was late and time for bed. Presently in Balfour, BC. Bev is sound asleep. Had a tough ride from Castlegar.
Serbio enjoying a pint at the Princeton Legion

A famous bridge in Princeton

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