Thursday, August 16, 2012

CCCT 2012 - July 30/12 - Day 72

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Monday, July 30, 2012 - Day 72
Sturgeon Falls to Mattawa - Trip 113.33 Time 6 hrs 13 mins Avg 18. 24 kph Max 57.8 kph
I woke up several times during the night. My left shoulder was sore and my upper body a bit cold. Sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag is not exactly my cup of tea. We got up at 6:15 AM and did some packing. We saw several ducks diving off the nearby dock into the river which was covered with an early morning mist. We had Greek yogurt and 1/2 a banana each for breakfast before finishing our packing. The lady with the white dog (neither Bev or I could figure out what breed it was) came by and we chatted for awhile. She was on her way to Algonquin Park to do some hiking and camping there. On our way out we stopped at the main building and filled our bottles with water before leaving for MATTAWA at 7:35 AM. We cycled to Timmy's for chocolate milk and a carrot muffin for me and a cranberry muffin for Bev. I went over to the gas station next door and got some Gatorade while Bev got our Timmy's order. After topping up our water bottles with Gatorade we again set off for Mattawa at 8:00 AM. We made several pit stops on our way and stopped for lunch at a "Chip Wagon". It was a very hot and humid day. The road was quite good with a nice paved shoulder except for one rough section of about 10 kms or so. Also we had several hills to climb. Finally we got a break after 1:00 PM with a slight tail wind. We arrived at the Sid Turcotte campsite in Mattawa at 3:30 PM. It cost $30 for a campsite with water and electrical outlet. We treated ourselves to a very refreshing fruit sicle before going to set up our tent. Afterwards, we cycled into town (about 5 kms) and had a beer at the local hotel before going to get some groceries at Foodland for our dinner and breakfast. On our way back to the campsite we stopped at a riverside picnic table and had our Chicken Tenders, Wedge Fries and Cole Slaw for dinner. We met a 60 year old cyclist who had cycled from Sudbury to Mattawa (193 kms). He was looking for a motel for the night. We gave him directions to the hotel where we had stopped to have a beer. There were no other motels in town. After returning to our campsite I got my Notebook out and we walked back to the main office where there was a wi-fi hotspot. I was able to get a connection and we checked our e-mail. Since I was running on battery power I decided not to take a chance on working on my blog as I might lose everything if the battery died. We were off to bed by 9:00 PM.
Roly and Bev

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