Friday, August 17, 2012

CCCT 2012- July 31/12 - Day 73

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - Day 73
Mattawa to Deep River, ON - Trip 111.49 kms Time 6 hrs 47 mins Avg 16.43 kph Max 60.4 kph
We got up at 5:30 AM. I heard a train come through town at 11:00 PM. It blew it's horn at all 6 crossings, 4 times for each crossing. The last blast seemed to echo forever down the river. I also heard a female ranting until 11:30 PM. There was a loud BANG! that sounded like a gun shot or a large fire cracker and that shut her up. We did some packing before having a breakfast of yogurt and a Danish pastry. Afterwards we finished packing including the tent. We had to get rid of several earwigs that had found there way into the slots for the supporting rods. We left at 6:30 AM and cycled to the corner gas station to buy a bottle of Gatorade. I decided not to use my Camel Back anymore until we got home and I could clean and sterilize it. After each filling a water half full with Gatorade we set off for DEEP RIVER at 6:45 AM. It was an overcast day and we started off with a very long climb then several kms of road work and fresh tarmac. After several more hills we had to stop at 40 kms to put our rain covers on our handlebar bags. We already had our rain covers on our other panniers. It started raining so heavily we had to stop and got under our tarp for 10 minutes or so. In spite of getting under our tarp we were soaking wet so decided to keep going. We finally arrived at a gas station convenience store at noon after cycling 68 kms. There was nothing else OPEN on the highway. We had lunch. A Turkey Sub for me which the owner warmed up in his microwave and a snack pack, muffin, Ju-Jubes and hot chocolate for Bev. We also bought more Gatorade and topped up our water bottles. We continued on to Deep River on a very rough road for 15-20 kms. There were several more hills to cope with before arriving in Deep River at 3:30 PM. We checked into the Imperial Motel at $60 including taxes. We had to get fresh batteries for the TV remote as they were missing. After our showers we walked to a grocery store then to a nearby Bistro for beer and dinner. On the way back to our motel room we picked up some Gatorade at a convenience store for tomorrow's ride. Bev watched TV while I filled in my journal. We warmed up individual apple pies in the microwave. Bev was very tired and off to bed at 8:30 PM. I was long in joining her. Before retiring Bev called her friend Debbie in Golden River re our visiting her. I called Lise to let her know we were arriving home on Saturday or Sunday.
Bev and Roly
Posted from my sister's home in Burlington on Friday, August 17th, 2012

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