Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 13 - Europe 2011

The Frau Maul Gastezimmer

The church bell that kept me awake!!!

Day 13 - Monday, June 6, 2011 - Winkel to Erfelden - Trip 68.06 kms Time 4:17:03

Got up at 6:30. In spite of last night's thunderstorm my room was still very hot and humid. Went down for b'fast at 7:30. No one else about except for me and the waitress. Asked for orange juice and black tea. She brought me a huge glass of orange juice and a nice pot of black tea. Before leaving I also asked if she could fill up my 2 water bottles. She got the Gourmet Water out and used up 2 bottles filling my water bottles. No charge. I also made myself a ham and cheese brotchen sandwich with the 3rd brotchen. I set off for Eltville at 8:40 AM. After going only 3-4 kms I came upon an "umleitung" (detour) and missed a right turn. I ended up going up a very nasty hill (5 kph) for about 2 kms when my GPS started beeping at me "Make a U-Turn if possible". I turned around and went down the hill at a much faster clip!!! I found the right turn I had missed and continued on to Eltville/Wiesbaden. It took about an hour to get throught Wiesbaden. Once again I missed a turn and ended up in Hochheim. I stopped at a Bacherei and went in for a cold drink. They had Gatorade and some Danish pastries that I couldn't resist. I bought a second Gatorade to fill up my water bottle and made sure I got my deposit back on both bottles before setting off for Ginsheim which turned out to be 5-6 kms further down the road and nearer to the Rhine. Most of the time it is difficult to stay by the Rhine mostly due to heavy duty industry and small rivers that feed into the Rhine. So today's ride was mostly country roads usually with a paved path alongside. I passed through Astheim on my way to Erfelden. Just after lunch it started pouring. I had to stop and put my rain covers on my panniers and my rain gear. I made it to Geinsheim where I found shelter at a Backerei (it was closed) under an awning. It was really tipping down. A lady arrived at 1:30 and opened up. I went in for a cold drink and a strawberry parfait!! I asked about hotels but she wasn't from the area and didn't know of any hotels. A customer came in and told me I would find an hotel in Leeheim. Not!! I pushed on to Erfelden. Passed a "Zimmer Frei" sign. Stopped and rang the door bell. A room on the 2nd floor with 3 single beds cost 27 Euros. No b'fast. No Wi-Fi. Great cable TV though. It was all very clean plus there was a huge garage where I could store my bike and hang up any wet clothes that needed drying out. I washed 2 outfits and went down to the garage to hand them out to dry. Herr Maul, who was sitting at a desk at the very back of the garage, spoke to me very gruffly in German. I explained that Frau Maul had told me that I could hang out my wet clothes to dry. He seemed to be satisfied with this explanation and went off to finish dealing with his laundry.
I went out for dinner and while looking for a place to eat ran into Frau Maul who was out walking her grandson in his stroller. She pointed me in the right direction. Went in for a pils (2) and a Zigeuner Snitzel with pommes frites and a salad. It was far to much - the snitzel was huge. I had quite a struggle finishing the whole thing. I walked back to the pension. There's not a lot to see in Erfelden. There were several guys hanging out in the courtyard. They appeared to be workmen from a nearby construction site who were staying at the pension. Watched a bit of TV then went off to bed at 9:30. The church bell rang every hour on the half hour. So much for getting a good night's rest!!!
Cheers, Roly

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