Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 21 - Europe 2011

Day 21 - Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - Titisee to Tuttlingen - Trip 74.20 kms Time 4:19:50

Had to get up through the night a couple times due to cramps. My legs don't like all this climbing all the time. Went down to the restaurant at 7:40 to check my e-mail and started Day 19 Blog while waiting for b'fast to start at 8:00. The waitress came by to let me know that b'fast would be ready at 8:00. A German fellow came in at 7:50. He couldn't wait and went directly into b'fast. He was back out in less than 10 minutes. I was able to make myself a cold cut and cheese baguette sandwich for lunch and a hard boiled egg. I paid for my night's lodging (44.50 E) which included a beer. Loaded my panniers on my bike and was about to set off for Donaueschingen when I remembered I hadn't returned my room key. Went back into hotel to drop off the key and asked the receptionist if he had a map of the local area from Titisee to Donaueschingen. He shuffled through a drawer full of maps and pulled one out. He then made a photocopy of the section that I had to travel and highlighted the correct route to follow. I set off at 9:18. Pretty tough climb most of the way to ......... I reached 965 M on my watch altimeter. I stopped to reset my GPS. A local pulled up and asked if I needed help with directions. I told him I was going to Donaueschingen via ........ He said I was headed in the right direction but warned me about the Umleitung which I would be OK to take with my Rad. Turned out he was right. It was a very nice smooth, well paved road. I only had to get off my bike to cross 8-10 meters of very lose sand. The road crew guys just waved me on through.
I arrived in Donaueschingen at 11:30. I found a quiet spot by a river (Danube?) and had a picnic. While eating my lunch I was entertained by a mother duck and her ducklings swimming about on the river. I left for Pforen at 12:30. Passed through Neudingen, Gutmadingen & Geisingen. I was heading for Moringen where I hoped to find lodging for the night. I was travelling on the B311 when I went over an expansion joint on a bridge over the Donau and got a puncture in my rear tire. It was 1:40. I had to walk 200 metres before I could get off the road to fix my flat. I couldn't find any signs of what caused the flat.
I set off for Immendingen at 2:30 and passed through Mohringen. Some light rain, lots of dark clouds. I decided to start looking for a place to spend the night. Nothing until I reached Tuttlingen. I checked into the first hotel I came upon, the Hotel Schlack, a 3 star hotel at 42 E/night including b'fast and free Wi-Fi, at 3:45. At 4:30 there was a terrific downpour complete with lightning and thunder.
After locking up my bike in the garage (there were no other bikes there) I carried my panniers up to my room on the 1st floor. Very nice room. Checked out the Wi-Fi and went down to the bar for a beer. I filled out my journal and completed Day 19 of my blog which I had started earlier before leaving Titisee.
I asked the receptionist for directions to a Chinese restaurant. On the way I went into an Apotheke to buy some nail clippers. My Swiss Army Knife nail clippers were just not up to the task. I found the Chinese restaurant and had a nice meal of Spring Rolls and Nasi-Goreng. The chili sauce was extra hot!!! Washed it all down with an Export beer. There were no customers - just one who came in to pick up a take out order. The waitress brought me a shot of apple Schnapps on the house. I walked back to the hotel. Streets very quiet. Went up to my room and did Day 20 of my blog. I was also able to upload several photos. Off to bed 22:00.
Cheers, Roly

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