Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 31 - Europe 2011

The view entering Grein, Austria, on the Left Bank

Day 31 - Friday, June 24, 2011 - Linz to Grein - Trip 69.36 kms Time 3:55:13

Had a pretty good night's rest. No church bells after 10:00 PM. No street noise, etc. No cramps. I got up at 7:00 AM and went down for b'fast at 7:30. After b'fast I walked about 200 M to a nearby Apoteke which opened at 8:00. I explained to the pharmacist that I was from Canada and had a nasty blister on my toe. She spoke very good English and asked to have a better look. I was wearing sandals - no socks. She recommended a very dark, molasses like, ointment that would dry up my infection. I also bought some plasters (20) as I had exhausted my first aid kit ones. The ointment and plasters cost 9.95 E. I walked back to the hotel, finished packing, put some ointment on my toe blisters and checked out. I paid 70 E for the hotel.
On the way out of Linz there is only a bike path on the Left Bank (North side of the river). I had to cross over the Nibelungen-Brucke which was directly opposite the hotel. Once across the bridge I turned right and headed for Wien (266 kms) or so the Radweg Donau sign said.
Since I had a late start i.e. 9:30 AM my plans were to cycle 70-80 kms for the day and see where that would get me. In my guide book there is a TIP i.e. "after 2 Ks it is possible to ride up to the embankment and down to the Pleschinser See (Lake) with its beaches, camground, restaurant, NUDIST AREA, etc." Well I kept my eyes wide open but never saw any NUDIST. As a matter of fact there was no one about. Perhaps it was to early or just a tad to cold to be running about in the NUDE!
I passed by Steyregg. To my right was the river and on my left forested hills. Very smooth paved path. At Abwinden I had to leave the Danube and go through St. Georgen then back down to the Danube at Mautthausen where there was a slight deviation to get across the Aist River and on to Au. The terrain now changed to farmland. At Scheigen there was an option of crossing over the Danube and continuing on through Wallsee. I chose to stay on the North side and headed for Mitterkirchen or so I thought. The path was blocked by road works so I had to go back 200 M or so to follow the Umleitung signs. Somehow I ended up in PERG (short for Perguatory I'm sure). I was not using my GPS and Perg was not shown on my bike guide maps. I went into an auto parts store and asked for directions. The parts guy got out a local map and showed me where I was and how to get back on the Donau Weg. I was only 8 kms North of Mitterkirchen where I wanted to be. He let me keep the map. I set my GPS for Mitterkirchen and arrived there at 12:30 PM. I was getting hungry and needed to make a pit stop. I found a Gasthof that was open and had a delicious Goulash with Semmel (brotchen) and tea for 7 E. I think I was over charged as I'm pretty sure the menu said the goulash was 3.60 and not the 4.80 I was charged!
I continued on to Mettensdorf, Mitterhaufen, Dornach and Grein. The stretch of the Danube from Dornach to Grein was especially scenic. By this time I had done 65 kms, it was 2:00 PM and my foot was bothering me a bit. I decided to look for a place to spend the night. I tried 4 or 5 places but they were all fully booked. I went back to the Tourist Info Office and she was able to call a Privat Gasthof and booked a room for me at 26 E with b'fast included.
I didn't think there would be any beer or cold drinks waiting for me at the Privat Zimmer so I stopped at a Backerei to get a cold drink and a sticky bun before setting off to find Bruckner Strasse 19. It was uphill all the way for about 1 km. Just what I needed to finish off my legs for the day. Frau Johanna Hametner was waiting for me at the garden gate. She was very welcoming. We had a nice chat in German about where I was from, where I was going to, how old I was, etc. She told me was 82 and that tomorrow she had to leave early (8:30) to go to her 36 year old niece's funeral. I said that I was sorry for her loss and that it would be no problem for me to get up early and be off before 8:30.
She helped me carry my panniers up to show me my room. It was a room with two single beds. She asked me which bed I wanted to sleep on. I chose the bed on the right. She then covered over the bed that I would not be using with a blanket.
I filled in my journal. It started raining at 4:00 PM. Very steady downpour for 15 minutes then it cleared up again. I lay down for a nap before going out for dinner but a fly kept buzzing me! Then there was a big thunderstorm with lightning. I got up and went downstairs to put my bike in the garage.

The view from my room at Brucknerstrasse 19

Frau Johanna offered me an umbrella for the walk into town so I could go and have dinner. I said no thanks. I had a bit of food with me and would make do.

The rain stopped so I put on my arm and leg warmers, jacket and cycled into town (2.43 kms round trip). I had dinner at a Doner Kebap restaurant which cost 6 E for a Doner Kebab and a large beer. I got all my change (4 E) in .50 & .20 pieces.
I cycled back to my Privat Zimmer which I thought was going to be a lot easier now that I didn't have my heavy panniers to deal with but I still had a tough time getting up that hill!!!
Played some solitaire on the Notebook and watched Pratice 2 of the Spanish Grand Prix before going off to be at 9:30.
Cheers, Roly

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  1. Nice. I rode along the Donau ages ago, from Salzburg to Linz to Wein. The Wachau section was so beautiful. I remember most of those towns you named. Someday I'll do it again.