Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 22 - Europe 2011

Day 22 - Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - Tuttlingen to Mengen - Trip 73.26 kms Time 4:28:30

Had a nice quiet room except for the plumbing in the next room. I got up at 7:00 and went down for b'fast at 7:30. The waitress, with one helper, was already very busy. In spite of that I was able to order a hot chocolate to go with my b'fast which she had the young lad bring right away. I was able to make myself a ham and cheese brotchen and also took a hard boiled egg, a banana and an orange for lunch.
There was a table with six women and a handicaped guy next to me. The 60+ year old guy had much difficulty getting about with only the help of a walking stick. He asked the waitress for a towel which he placed across the seat of one of the 3 extra chairs he had gathered around himself. He then started cutting up some ham on a plate that he placed on the chair with the towel on it. This was all very fascinating. Why couldn't he eat at the table like all the others? A few minutes later another lady arrived with a small yappy dog. It jumped up on the chair with the towel and the guy started feeding it the ham!!!
When I went to check out I found out I had to pay 52 E and not 42 E as I'm pretty sure I was quoted on arrival. But this was a different receptionist and she insisted the lowest room rate they had was 52E. I didn't want to make a big deal of it and felt I was probably being charged extra because of all the goodies I had taken for my lunch.
I set off for Nendingen at 9:00 but couldn't find the cycle path along the Danube in spite of retracing my route from yesterday. After a couple of kms I gave up and set the GPS for Nendingen. It took me around the block and right back to the Hotel Schrack where I had just set off from. This time I made a right turn. It was only an extra little tour of 4 kms.
After Nendingen I passed through Muhlheim, Fridingen, Beuron, Hausen, Gutenstein, Inzigkofen, Sigmaringen, Sigmaringendorf, Scheer, Ennetach and Mengen. I was able to get on the Danube cycle path most of the way but it was mostly wet, muddy, hard pack through forest like terrain. Quite hilly. Lots of cyclists. I chatted with several along the way. My bike needs a good cleaning especially the chain and rear cassette, etc.
I arrived in Mengen at 2:45. Dark clouds were threatening rain. I had cycled 73 kms so decided to look for an hotel and possibly get some laundry done. I checked into the Hotel Baier at 3:00. A room with b'fast and Wi-Fi cost 38 E. I got the receptionist to write it down this time so there would be no misunderstandings. I asked about a laundromat. Small town - no laundromat. But he said he would ask his wife if she would do a wash load for me. I went up to the 2nd floor with him to see her. She was busy cleaning rooms but agreed to do my laundry. Not sure how much it was going to cost me though. I went downstairs to the bar for a beer and was able to hook up to the Wi-Fi. I filled out my journal and did Day 21 of my Blog. I returned to my room and lay down for a nap before going out for dinner.
Walked the whole length of the Hauptstrasse. Only one café open with several customers sitting outside on the sidewalk terasse. I went inside as there were no more tables available outside. It was much hotter inside. I ordered a cheese burger with a hot chili sauce (not) a salad and pommes frites and a beer. On the way back to the hotel I stopped at a Volksbank and was able to withdraw some money to keep me going for another week.
It was very hot in my room. I wasn't able to get a Wi-Fi connection in my room in spite of having a seperate code that would allow me to make an Internet connection. The signal was to weak. Unable to get the TV to work either. Off to bed 9:30.
Cheers, Roly

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  1. A lot of these town names sure ring a bell as we often had military manoeuvres in the area. At the rate you are going you'll be in Istanbul by the end of the month ;)