Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 16 - Europe 2011

Day 16 - Thursday, June 9, 2011 - Rastatt to Rheinau - Trip 84.64 kms Time 5:15:58

After checking out of the Best Western went across the street to the Burger King for b'fast. It was closed until 11 but the gas station convenience store was open so I was able to get some juice, etc for b'fast before setting off for Iffezheim at 9:00 AM. I hadn't gone far before I hit an Umleitung. I hate Umleitungs!!! I missed a right turn and ended up going up a very steep hill for about 2 kms before my GPS told me to "make a U-Turn when possible". I reluctantly turned around and went back down the hill at a much fast rate than I had climbed it. I found the proper route and was once again back on the main road after 7-8 kms. I headed for Sollingen but once again ended up going up a very steep hill with a sign saying "Anleiger Frei". I think that means local traffic only. But often it is OK for cycles to pass. I had to get off and push my bike up part of this hill it was so long and very steep. I finally reached the top and the road turned to gravel with lots of pot holes filled with water and went on through the woods for about a kilometer. I finally came out to a nice view of the vineyards and a village below. I stopped for a snack and admired the scenery. It was a little hairy going down as the road was badly paved and very narrow. I was on the brakes all the way down. Later I had a look at my Rhine Cycle Guide and I think I might have gone around the backside of the Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Flughafen. A very small airport - no signs of any planes though.
Around noon I stopped at a Backerei for lunch. I know - I know - I'm supposed to avoid the backereis but there was nothing else available for lunch. I went in and bought a slice of very healthy looking rhubarb custard pie and a 1/2 L of chocolate milk to wash it down with. There was a table and chairs outside so I was able to sit and enjoy my lunch which also consisted of a sausage pastry which I had bought earlier at the gas station convenience store.
I continued on to Rheinau arriving at 3 PM. Since I didn't want a repeat of last night I started looking for an hotel. I found the Waldorn but it appeared to be closed. A sign said it was open from 17:00 to 23:00. It was only 3 PM!!! I went around the back to the "Biergarten" and found the chef who checked me in and served me a nice cold beer.
After checking in and updating my journal I went up to my room for a short nap before coming down for dinner at 6:30. I asked about Wi-Fi and the waitress gave me the code so I could get on the Internet. I had a nice snitzel with rahm sauce, pommes frites, salad and beer for 14 E. Went back up to room and read Tim Sparling's blog re KNBC Paris/Nice trip. Also worked on Day 14 & 15 of my blog.
Cheers, Roly

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