Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 27 - Europe 2011

Day 27 - Monday, June 20, 2011 - Ingolstadt to Regensburg - Trip 84.55 Time 4:59:12

Had to get up several times during the night because of some leg cramps. Then I was to hot - then a bit to cold. One of these days I'm going to get it just right!!! I got up at 6:45 and went down for b'fast at 7:30. It was quite busy in the restaurant. The b'fast goodies were laid out in the main lobby of the hotel - a bit helter skelter - between two eating areas. I couldn't find the cold cuts or sliced cheese, etc. As I was leaving I noticed they were on the other side of a large island pillar about 10 feet in circumference. I paid 65E when I checked out and collected my bike in the garage passageway where I had left it yesterday. I loaded my panniers on my bike and before setting off asked a delivery man who was picking up some chairs for directions on how to get to the Danube cycle path. He pointed me in the right direction. I found the path, which was just a couple of blocks away, OK but wasn't sure which direction to take for Grossmehring. I asked another fellow for directions to G. First he told me to go West and just as I was about to set off he changed his mind and said it was in the opposite direction which turned out to be correct.
The path was a mixture of hard packed gravel and pavement, mostly flat with some short hills. I passed near or through Vohburg, Dunzing, Wackerstein, Pforring, Wohr, Neustadt, Badgogging, Sittling, Staubing and arrived in Weltenberg at 11:30. This is where the guide book recommended taking the boat to Kelheim otherwise it was a tough climb over the hills along a busy road. There was a boat leaving at 11:45. I paid the 7E fair to see the "spectacular scenery" through the gorge. It was a 20 minute, 7 km boat ride. I must say I was a bit disappointed at the so so scenery. But on the other hand I did give my legs and my butt a bit of a rest.
We arrived in Kelheim at noon so I looked for a place to get some lunch. I found an Asian Snell Imbiss which had quite an extensive menu. But mostly I think it was a pizza take out place. I ordered a "brotchen with kase and schinken". A young Asian girl taking orders asked me how big. Still thinking I was going to get a submarine like sandwich I held my hands apart showing 7-8 inches. I ended up getting a medium sized pizza with tomato sauce, cheese and ham on it. It actually was quite tasty but I could only eat 3 of the 6 slices so I asked for some aluminium foil to wrap up the left over pieces. Eventually she understood what I wanted "allo..." in German and I was able to save my leftover pizza for later. I had also wanted a Cola Light but they only had 1 L bottles of Coke. As I was leaving she offered me a bottle of nice cold sparkling mineral water on the house. I filled up my water bottle and drank as much as I could.
I was able to set off for Herrnsaal at 12:30. The route was hard packed gravel, very rough in some spots. I came upon a group of cyclists all in their 40s. One fellow had fallen off his bike and landed on the gravel path. He had several cuts and bruises. He wasn't wearing a helmet!!! I offered First Aid as I had a kit with me but he refused and thanked me just the same. Apparently his front wheel had collapsed? and jammed and he was catapulted right over the handlebars. His front wheel was so badly damaged he wasn't able to ride his bike. He had to push it along and ride it like a scooter with one foot on a pedal and the other pushing him along. He was able to make it to the boat at Weltenberg and hoped to find a bike shop in Kelheim.
At Kelheimwinzer I crossed over the Danube where the route was paved all the way to Bad Abbach then it was patches of gravel again. I chose to ride on the quiet road until I reached the outskirts of Regensburg at 3:00 PM.
The first hotel I checked wanted 110E for the night but for a single they would only charge me 99E. I said as politely as possible that this was much to expensive for my budget to allow. He suggested I try the Karmeliten across the square. It turned out to be 59E with b'fast and free Wi-Fi in the bar area. I unloaded my panniers and put my bike in the storage room after checking in. The place looks just like what I imagine an abbey or a convent would be like. Upstairs in the hallways all one sees are the doors to the rooms which stick out an inch or two. Not like most other hotels where the doors are either flush or recessed.
After putting my panniers in my room (211A) I went down to the bar to chek out the Wi-Fi. I had no problem logging in - not like the previous hotel in Ingolstadt where I thought I might be having a problem with my Notebook. After checking my e-mail, etc. I went back to my room and did my laundry for the day. I then lay down for a nap before going out for dinner but the damn church bells just wouldn't let up. I found a McDs (it's cheap and quick) and besides I wasn't terribly hungry as I had finished off the leftover pizza earlier. I returned to the hotel after doing some window shopping. I saw a nice track suit that I thought I might go back and check out in AM before setting off for the day. It started raining so not much incentive to enjoy the lovely city of Regensburg. Sorry Tony. Maybe some other time. I was able to sit in the bar and type up Day 26 of my blog while sipping on a beer. There was also another guest with his laptop in the bar otherwise the place was deserted.
Hope tomorrow's ride goes as well as today's did. I didn't get lost once.
Cheers, Roly

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