Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 9 - Thursday, June 2, 2011 - Tongeren to Kohlscheid - Trip 65.71 kms Avg 14.86 kph

Had a bit of a rough night due to leg cramps. I guess I have to lay off the alcohol!!! I was up at the crack of dawn and went down for breakfast. No one else in the dining room. Everything was fresh. You get what you pay for. Was even given the choice of decaf coffee plus orange juice, cereal with banana, etc... I was about to take a hard boiled egg for later on my way out when I noticed a sign which said "these eggs have not been cooked yet". Grabbed some BabyBel cheese instead.
Before checking out I wanted to find an ATM where I could get some cash to pay for my hotel bill. I was told to go about 10-15 minutes walk to the Town Hall and there would be an ATM behind it. I set off on the cobble stones and walked for about 10 minutes and once again asked for directions from a local who was about to have his morning cuppa coffee. He said I needed to keep going another 500 metres and I would find a bank on the right. Found the bank but the ATM spit out my card. Went inside and tried a 2nd time and was able to get some cash. Back to the hotel on the cobble stones, pay the bill, collect my panniers and my bike and set off for Bonn at 9:15 AM. Oh by the way, I did manage to talk the hotel receptionist into reducing my room rate to 80 €. A savings of 10 €.
Lots of loooong hills plus steady head wind made for slow progress. Lots of cyclist, hikers, etc. Must be a holiday? Stopped in Maastricht for lunch. Saw a very nice BRG Triumph TR3 and a guy with a set of whiskers that could win any moustache contest hands down.

Passing through Kohlscheid I was running low on water so decided to go into a hotel/bar and get my water bottles re-filled. It turned out to be a biker bar. The manager, Tina, was all dressed up in Harley Davidson gear and had her HOG parked out front. I had managed to cycle 65 kms at this point so decided if the price was right I would stop and spend the night in Kohlscheid. A room with breakfast turned out to be 48 € so I parked Rocky and went in for a beer. Only problem was, because of the holiday (Father's Day) the bar was very noisy and full of smoke. But it had Wi-Fi which I was eventually able to get set up after Tina gave me the proper code.
NB Ron & Tony & Lynda: This bar also featured JagerMeister on tap. A total of 4 l in the chilling tank and 3 l in reserve on top.

Fortunately the "Fathers" went home early and the Oompahpah noise died down around 10:30 PM so I was able to get a good night's sleep.
Tchuss, Roly

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