Thursday, July 26, 2012

CCCT 2012 - July 14/12 - Day 56

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Saturday, July 14, 2012 - Day 56
Upsala to Shabaqua, ON - Trip 70.89 kms Time 3 hrs 54 mins Avg 18.13 kph Max 52.7 kph
We were up at 6:00 AM and after a breakfast of yogurt and a muffin we packed our gear, loaded our bikes and were off to SHABAQUA at 7:30 AM. Before leaving we had a chat with a motel guest who was quite impressed with our CCCT. It was an overcast day and therefor quite cool compared to the previous 2 days. We had to cycle along a very narrow paved shoulder most of the way. Thank goodness there was not much traffic. The truck drivers and motorists were very considerate. There were some hills, especially the last 20 kms. We stopped at a Rest Area for a banana and granola bar. A truck driver came over and wanted to know where we were. He had been asleep when his co-driver had parked and he was now asleep! We again stopped for a break and I took some photos of the scenery.
We arrived in Shabaqua at 12:20 PM. We met 2 young cyclists who were also cycling coast-to-coast. They started out on May 1st and cycled from Toronto to StJohns, NL, then flew out to Vancouver to begin 2nd half of their journey. It started raining but it only lasted 5 minutes. We went into store/restaurant and had a cold drink and a bowl of soup. We asked about the motel (it was attached) room rate which was $65. There was some mold in the bathroom tub but otherwise it was OK. We were told to ignore the "Do Not Drink" notice in the bathroom as the well water, which was recently "treated" and OK. We both washed a cycling outfit and put it out to dry. I checked out the free wi-fi but it was very slow. I went back to the shop and got a diet coke for myself and a chocolate milk for Bev. It was much to hot to do anything else so I lay down for a nap. Got up at 4:30 PM. It was a bit cooler. Bev was able to check her GMail while I showered. I went out and checked on the laundry which was drying out in the sun. It was already dry!!! After Bev checked her FB I checked my e-mail and FB. I wanted to try and book a "warm shower" for Thunder Bay but was unable to get on the website. We watched a movie until 7:00 PM and then went over to the store for dinner. I had chili (very good) a diet coke and a cheese bun. Bev had a chicken burger and grapefruit juice. We both had ice cream bars for dessert. We bought some groceries for tomorrow's breakfast and lunch including drinks. The Internet was a total loss so watched a movie "The Losers" with Bev. Off to bed at 11:00 PM. Our tiny room was quite hot, in spite of a noisy ceiling fan, and a couple of moths buzzing  around all added up to a restless night's sleep for me.
Bev and Roly

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