Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CCCT 2012 - July 5/12 - Day 47

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Thursday, July 5, 2012 - Day 47
Winnipeg to Prawda, MB Trip 109.94 kms Time 4 hrs 39 mins Avg 23.62 kph Max 40.0 kph
We were up at 5:30 AM in order to get an early start. The forecast was for a fine sunny day with a North Westerly wind. We walked over to Timmy's for breakfast after leaving one of Bev's panniers in the garage. The power was back on. After a quick breakfast we returned to the garage and loaded the gear we had left there on our bikes and took them over to the main entrance. We returned to the apartment to finish packing. We carried our gear downstairs and finished loading our bikes before setting off for PRAWDA at 7:15 AM. We had a very nice tail wind with a wide paved shoulder which then became a single bike wide paved shoulder, then it was a gravel shoulder so we had to cycle on the highway. We stopped at a Husky gas station, a rest area, etc for breaks before eventually arriving at the Pine Tree Campground in PRAWDA at 1:00 PM. It cost $15 for a tent which included hot showers and free wi-fi. Bev treated us to ice cream cones. We then set up our tent and placed our gear inside it before going off for a walk around the campsite. There was no access to the river as it was blocked off by RVs all along the campsite. The campsite manager had told me that if I needed to plug in my Notebook or GPS I could use the power point at the screened shelter located at the center of the campsite. I got my Notebook and GPS and we walked over to the shelter.When I tried to connect to the Internet I couldn't find a wi-fi signal! I went over to the office/restaurant where there were picnic tables but had the same result. I went inside the office and as I was trying again to find a router to connect to I realized I had disabled the wi-fi function while I was at Angel's as I had been using a hard wire connection there. Once I re-activated the wi-fi function I was able to connect to the Internet and checked my e-mail. I went back to the screened enclosure and Bev was able to check her GMail and FB. It was a very slow and tedious connection so I didn't feel working on my blog would be very productive.
I went back to the tent for a nap while Bev stayed and watched my GPS, which I had plugged in to charge, and read her book. We had agreed to cycle to a nearby gas station convenience store to see what was available in the way of Gatorade/water, etc for tomorrow's ride. I waited until 5:15 and still Bev didn't return to the tent! I decided to go look for her. I had a feeling I would find her chatting with someone. Sure enough, she had met a couple of campers and they were chatting away.
We returned to our tent and Bev got on her bike and we cycled along the gravel road for about 1 km to the convenience store. It was well stocked and we were able to confirm that there would be sufficient supplies for tomorrow's journey. We cycled back to the campsite and had dinner at the campsite restaurant. I had a snitzel cheese burger with fries while Bev had perogies with bacon? We also enjoyed a cold beer with our dinner.
Later we returned to the screened enclosure to once again use the wi-fi to try and get some information about our next stop. Once again the signal was quite weak and downloading any information was very slow. We met the campers that Bev had been talking to earlier. They were having their dinner in the shelter. They offered us chocolate coated rice crispy square and cookies. Since we were not having much success with the wi-fi we decided to return to our tent and have an early night in order to be up early the next day.
Bev and Roly 

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