Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CCCT 2012 - June 29/12 - Day 29

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Friday, June 29, 2012 - Day 41
Moosomin, SK to Oaklake, MB Trip 96.09 kms Time 4 hrs 39 mins Max 30.5 kph
I heard a few trains go by starting at 4:30 AM. Bev got up at 6:45 AM. I put some ointment on her bites after she showered. She checked her e-mail. Pat, her sister, sent an e-mail re Tom, their brother who lives in Dryden, ON. Apparently he has several tumours and is in hospital (she didn't say where) for further test. We had muffins and bananas for breakfast. We finished packing and left for the SK/MB border at 8:20 AM. We stopped at the KIRKELLA, MB, Visitor's Centre to get information on camping in MB, etc. We were given free MB pins and a list of campgrounds along the TCH. We stopped in VIRDEN, MB, at an A&W for lunch. It was very hot but we were able to sit at a table outside in the shade. I went in and got root beers and onion rings to go with our melted ham and cheese sandwiches and cinnamon rolls.

We arrived at the Ox 'n Cart campsite on the West side of Oaklake at 2:00 PM. It was $15 for a tent and $3 for firewood. We found a nice spot to pitch our tent and once we had it set up we unloaded our gear and cycled into town for groceries at the local CO-OP store. Also Bev treated us to ice cream cones before returning to our tent. Because of the heat we had to eat them in a hurry. Once back at our campsite we sat at our picnic table and enjoyed a cold beer. Cal, the campsite manager, came by with his dog Boston. He gave us a key which allowed us access to the center door which allowed us to turn on the shower. Earlier, we had seen a strange bird which would suddenly stop in mid-air and hover. I asked Cal if he knew what species of bird it was. He went over to his trailer and came back with a bird book which he loaned us. We were able to determine that it was some sort of Swallow.

Arriving in Manitoba
Bev got the cooking stoves out, etc and started preparing KD for our dinner. I fried up some hot dogs on the other stove. Her stove ran out of fuel before the KD pasta was ready so she switched over to my stove. Our small tub of margarine had turned to liquid in the heat. We chopped up the hot dogs and added them to the KD. It turned out to be quite good for a simple camp stove meal. We had grapes and yogurt for dessert. Bev prepared PBJs for tomorrow's lunch and washed up while I did my journal and cooked the remaining hot dogs. We set our watches ahead one hour before settling down for the night. I seem to have the sniffles. Hope I'm not coming down with a cold.
Bev and Roly

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