Sunday, July 1, 2012

CCCT 2012 - June 22/12 - Day 34

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Friday, June 22, 2012 - Day 34
Swift Current to Chaplin, SK. Trip 93.87 kms Time 5 hrs 44 mins Max 37 kph
We were up at 6:00 AM and after a quick breakfast of yogurt, banana and a small carrot muffin we packed our gear on our bikes and set off for CARONPORT at 7:15 AM. The first 20 kms went well as it was very calm with no traffic to speak of. Only the occassional small Prairie Dog (which I was later to find out are really a species of squirrel) to break up the monotony of clear blue skies and one hill after another. By 11:00 AM the wind out of the East had picked up and this plus several tough hills and the heat all combined to slow us down. Also I was having problems with constant numbness in my hands and Bev was having some pain in her foot. We stopped several times for "butt breaks" and snacks, etc. Finally by 2:00 PM we had reached CHAPLIN, SK, (about 60 kms from Caronport) where there were some "facilities". We decided to check out the Hotel/Motel. We had a little trouble finding it as there were no signs indicating where it was located in the small village. Eventually after asking for directions several times we found it. A double room for the night was $85 (including taxes). I asked for a discount but the manager wouldn't budge. We decided to camp for the night instead. It was only $10. No showers. No nothing. We were not far from a restaurant and a gas station/convenience store. So that would have to do. We set up our tent, etc. I called my friends in Caronport and spoke to Erika to let her know where we were and that we would arrive Saturday around 12:00 noon. We tried out the Watkins Insect Repellant that I purchased at MEC before leaving Ottawa. It was highly recommended to us by Bev's friend Nancy. It really worked well. Just a small amount on exposed skin and the mosquitoes would come near but would not land on us. Amazing stuff!!! I lay down for a "siesta" while Bev walked over to the gas station to check it out. She later joined me for a short nap before getting up at 5:30 PM and walking over to the restaurant for pizza (it was $2.00 off night) and carrot cake. After dinner we went for a short walk around the camp site. There was not much to see. Earlier we had seen a fox but there was no sign of it now. We were back in our tent at 8:00 PM and off to sleep at 9:00 PM. Bev seemed to have no trouble falling asleep. I stayed up to count the number of trains, trucks, etc. that kept me awake for most of the night.
Bev and Roly 

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