Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CCCT 2012 - July 8/12 - Day 50

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Sunday, July 8, 2012 - Day 50
The rain finally stopped so we were able to get some sleep in our slightly damp tent. I heard a train come through at 5:30 AM. We got up at 7:00 AM and did some packing before going down by the beach to have breakfast with Sebastian. We had hot dog buns with peanut butter and jam, cut up fruit (banana & grapefruit) and chocolate milk. We returned to our campsite and finished packing our still wet tent, etc. We were going to DRYDEN and would be able to set out our wet gear to dry once we got there. We set off at 9:30 with Sebastian joining us.
There were some tough hills and it was quite hot. We stopped at a convenience store for Gatorade and water. Sebastian treated us to lemon tarts. We arrived in Dryden at 1:00 PM. Sebastian wanted to go for pizza. He had seen several ads for pizza on the way into town and hadn't had any for quite some time. We went on to Tom's (Bev's older brother) house. Sebastian went shopping for groceries at the IGA across the street while we were invited by Merve (Bev's other older brother) to have salmon sandwiches. Sebastian came back with 2 bags full of groceries including ice cream! On arriving in Dryden we passed by a DQ and I mentioned how disappointed I was about not stopping for ice cream.
We put our wet gear out to dry in the back yard and cycled over to Canadian Tire to get some Mineral Spirits, oil and batteries for Bev's new rear taillight. Did I mention it was very HOT!
Back at Tom's house, I checked out the Internet by plugging my Notebook into a CAT5 cable. I was able to read my Sympatico e-mail but not able to reply. There was a problem with the service provider and the router was cutting out constantly. I gave up and went out and helped Bev fold the tent and tarp before going off to Pizza Hut for dinner with Merve, Susan (Bev's niece), Sebastian and Bev. Bev had managed to convince Sebastian, who had planned to continue cycling, to spend the night in Dryden at Tom's house as it was much to HOT to continue cycling. He pulled a fast one by pretending to go to the w/c and paid for our dinner. Bev and Susan went to the hospital to visit Tom. Sebastian and I went back to the house and put the load of washing, that Bev had started earlier, in the dryer. I filled in my journal while waiting for Bev and Susan to return from the hospital. I was able to get on the Internet using Merve's PC and checked the MEC website for a replacement tire for Bev. It was pretty flaky. Merve spent 3/4 of an hour on the phone with SHAW. They figured it might be a loose cable on the modem. We were all quite tired so it was off to bed at 10:30
Bev and Roly

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