Monday, July 9, 2012

CCCT 2012 - July 3/12 - Day 45

Cross Canada Cycling Tour - Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - Day 45
Winnipeg - Motel to Olympia Bike Shop to Angel's Apt Trip 25.87 kms Time 1 hr 41 mins
We were up at 7:00 AM. I was able to check my e-mail for messages from Angel. She had managed  to leave a message on the apartment manager's voice mail re our staying in her apartment. We checked out of the motel at 9:15 AM after a quick breakfast of yogurt and a muffin. Our room rate was reduced to $65 because of the flaky wi-fi, flaky TV and flaky smoke detector. We cycled to the Olympia bike shop at 1813 Portage and waited 10-15 minutes for the shop to open at 10:00 AM.
Bev brought her bike into the shop and after speaking to one of the mechanics took all her gear off her bike. Scott took it in the back and adjusted the derailleurs, changed her rear tire and adjusted the breaks. We also tried to fit a rear light on her rack but had no luck. I bought a rear rack and also paid $10 for Bev's repairs. 
There was a Skin & Nail shop across the street so Bev went over to see if she could get an appointment for a pedicure. She was still having some problems with an ingrown big toe nail. They were able to take her in right away. While waiting I removed all the gear from my rear rack, removed it and installed my new one. I had to get Scott to drill out the bolt hole on the right side of the rack. Fortunately I was able to work in the shade at the side of the bike shop.  When I went into the bike shop to get my bolt hole drilled out I met 2 cyclist from Ottawa who seemed to know all about Bev and I. They recognized my Kunstadt Ottawa bike shop jersey. Unfortunately, because I had left my bike outside unattended, I wasn't able to chat with them for very long. 
Once Bev was finished her pedicure at 12:30 PM we cycled to a nearby A&W for lunch then on to Angel's apartment stopping at CAA for an Ontario map and to refill our water bottles. We almost missed the turn for Warde. I was focused on the light ahead which was about to change. Fortunately we had to stop and luckily I just happened to glance up and notice the street name.
We arrived at Angel's apartment at 3:00 PM. I went inside the main entrance and rang the OFFICE on the intercom. I left a voice mail to let the manager know we had arrived and would like to pick up the keys for Angel's apartment. I then called Noreen, the manager, on my cellphone. She had just been talking to Angel and came out right away. She took me up to Angel's apartment and let me in so I could get the apartment keys and the garage door opener. Once again we were so lucky to arrive when we did as the manager was about to leave at 4:00 PM. 
We put our bikes and non-essential gear in the garage and went up to Angel's apartment. We found a cold beer waiting for us in the fridge. Bev went out on her bike for groceries. She was soon back and I helped put away the groceries. I was able to connect to the Internet using the cable from Angel's laptop. Bev prepared a delicious meat sauce which we had with some pasta stuffed with cheese. I started a small load of laundry.  It was wonderful to be able to relax in a comfortable well equipped apartment thanks to Angel and her persistence in making arrangements with the office manager.
Bev and Roly 

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